Couple Camming

Imagine being paid to have filthy and raunchy sex with the person you love.
Imagine hearing the tip bell whenever you kissed or performed a lap dance before you start having sex. Sounds sexy to you, doesn’t it? Well, have no fear because many feel the same.

Couple camming is on the rise but why?

It’s a safe way to be apart of a threesome, the sex acts they are watching are interactive (where else can you tell the man and woman what to do to make you orgasm?), and the sex they’re are seeing is “real”. Meaning no special angles, no director and cheesy music, just uncensored and raw sex. However, with it being on the rise, there are still some hiccups when camming as a couple. Many camming couples (man and woman) end up fizzling out after a couple of months because they don’t know how to keep the excitement going. Sure, they have great sex but the first part is to get to know the guests in your room. So what are some ways to help make couples rooms exciting and thrilling?

You BOTH need to command the camera:

Many couples who cam will have one person manning the computer while the other is being sexy and sensual. That would work…if that person was the only one in the room. A part of camming is commanding the WHOLE room, not just a part of it. If you want to use that approach each person needs to be engaged. The room wants to see intimacy the whole time your there not just the time your in the private chat. Kiss and straddle each other, use toys on one another like a leather belt to spank each other. Does one of you have muscles? Have the other person oil you up in front of the camera while you flex and show your body. Talk constantly about what you would do to each other while in the public room. Speak about your fantasies or sexual escapades with each other. Be interactive! There’s nothing worse than seeing one person be super involved while the other just sits there.

Promote your sexiness!

A lot of cam couples have thrived because of their involvement with social media. Ever seen a sexy couple and wondered how their sex was? You’re not alone. Many have that thought process especially if they see both of you on a “vanilla” site and then see a link to the “uncensored” side of both of you. It doesn’t have to be dirty in the beginning. You can simply allude to them seeing other content by providing a link and posting a sexy picture. Twitter is great or this. It’s the perfect platform for you to make a name for yourself by meeting many potential customers who have found you all attractive and can be converted into regular customers.

Make content!

I’ll say it again. Make content! Think about the power of passive income. The ability to make money while your sleeping, enjoying yourself, or making more money. Many customers hate to see their favorite cam couple log off but why let it stop there? If you have a link to a premium snapchat or audio/videos from another or your own personal site, your customer can take you wherever they go. Many people, in general, can’t be on the computer for long extended periods of time and if they are, it’s for work, not pleasure. But think about when they are on their break and have time on their hands and are away from the computer. Do you really want them to wait until the both of you are camera ready? Of course not! Double your income by making adult content! Record your private camming shows and sell them on your social media, use toys on each other and sell those too. The possibilities are endless for making content.

Whether you’re in a male/female, male/male, female/female relationship, you can make money camming in this niche. However, if your a couple, be a couple! The customers want to see that love and lust that brought you all together. Make them wish they had what the both of you have, and they’ll keep coming back with a smile on their face and throbbing between their legs.

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