Erotic Story

Sweet dream

During the sweet night, combined with diffused candlelight and the smell of roses asleep on the floor, sensual music is heard, and a shadow as a feline flies on the rhythm The light does not allow me to figure out who this erotic angel is. But what does it matter ?! I see it coming […]

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She Likes To Give a Public Show

Katy was always a bit of a nymphomaniac. She liked living on the edge, especially sexually. Katy was the type of girl that loved to have public sex and give her boyfriend a blow job in public. Katy’s boyfriend knew how freaky should could be. So for her birthday he bought her a Lovense Lush […]

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Why mature is the way to go!

Picture this, it’s late at night and you’re ready to be entertained. You browse the many categories that Vibratoy has to offer and Mature peaks your interest. You click and enter the world of the legendary MILF. Your friend’s hot mom that happens to be a busty brunette. Your next door neighbor who has a […]

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To turn on or not to turn on…that is the question (fd)

I will never forget my first experience with Vibratoy. I was a budding cam girl, trying to find ways to spice up my room that didn’t entail spitting fire out my pussy or balancing plates on a wooden stick. (My mind goes to some weird places, don’t judge) On my quest for something creative, I […]

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The Ambi Vibrator

He bought me the Lovesense Ambi Vibrator. He will control it as we sit and eat dinner with his parents. To me, that is just so damn naughty, that I can’t wait and LOVE the Ambi!

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I’m in His Control

Last week my boyfriend Darrel bought me one of those amazing Lovense toys. He bought me the Nora Bluetooth Rabbit. He is going away for the military for a few months, so he assumed this could keep me happy and busy. We could also use it and he could take control of it while we […]

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Karlie’s New Addiction

Karlie is a recently divorced 32-year-old. She is a very attractive woman, but never really had luck with relationships. Part of the reason her and her husband divorced was because Karlie had a high sex drive and enjoyed masturbation. Her husband disliked the fact she enjoyed getting off. After the divorce, a co-worker of Karlie’s […]

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Fred Michel, the branch manager at Wichtech Gerard Company was furiously staring at the balance sheet of the company for the year. His brow furrowed with concentration as he tried to compare the balance sheet with that of the previous year. He knew business had been difficult this year owing to the loss of some of […]

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Lovense MAX

Is that an erection I see?

My name’s Mike, I’m the typical average guy, with the average guy kind of goals, I’m what can be easily referred to as a workaholic, I love my job too much and I love the idea of making it big, so I work hard in the finance department of A&B contractors. My job is simply to monitor the flow […]

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Surprising Pleasure

The first time I saw her was at the photocopier at the office, she seemed slightly impatient at the queue of waiting colleagues before her who also wanted to use the machine. I watched her as she strongly tried to control her pent up emotions. She clenched and unclenched her fist intermittently to keep from […]

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