How will virtual realtiy simulators change live cams

How will virtual reality simulators change live cams?

Picture this, your at home ready to spend time with your favorite cam girl. You ask her to do what turns you on and she obliges. You spend time with her and everything is great with the world. However, what if camming gives you the ability to be in the room with her. She walks up to you, drops down on her knees, and slowly pull off your pants as you looks around in her real room. All your senses are heightened. You can almost smell your cam girl’s perfume as she starts to bob up and down on your manhood while you look on in awe. This seems to good to be true, doesn’t it? Enter Virtual Reality Simulators.

Where did virtual reality come from?

Many people think virtual reality is a fairly new invention but the actual virtaul reality invention came from a short story in the 1930’s called Pygmalion Spectacles by Stanley A. Weimbaum. In it he described a goggle based virtual reality system where the person was shown a holographic recording that also emulated touch and smells. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Ivann Sutherland created the first VR headset for the military.

Now, in the 2000’s we have many VR systems we can choose from but instead of focusing on games, VR sets have taken another path, VR porn. Production companies like Badoink have started to pave the way for more movies being shot in Virtual Reality.

“Whenever you become comfortable with a new platform or piece of technology, the first thing you look for is porn,” explains Todd Gilder, BaDoink’s CEO.

Badoink started the VR movement by giving out free Google Cardboard VR glasses for potential customers to try out the movies. They ran out of the VR sets in 24hrs.  “Google Cardboard is like a gateway drug,” says Gilder. “Once people see how good this technology is, they immediately want to upgrade to a better headset.”

Other porn powerhouses like Naughty America and are starting to dabble into making movies specifically for VR sets as well. But what does that mean for the cam world? Is it a step forward in the industry or a step backwards in sales?

There are many beneficial reasons why VR is amazing for the cam girl industry. The same cam girl you loved to see do dirty things is finally able to do dirty things to you…virtually of course. However, take a look at Pornhub’s VR section. The scenes are very fleshed out with you having the ability to see around you and the proximity of the cam girl to you makes it feel as though it’s really happening. You look down and she’s pleasuring you as you are pleasuring yourself in reality. Yet, you can’t see yourself, you see her, but your able to control how it feels on your end. This is a game changer for the customers of cam girls that want to take the intimacy a step further. As far as the VR headsets, they’re fairly easy to come by since now they range in prices.

But what if you don’t like VR machines? What if you enjoy having a nice chat in the room with a new cam girl to get your feet wet? VR is great but it isn’t for everyone. Many have found the headsets to be distracting or heavy. Speaking of distracting, how much time would you spend looking around the room before you look down and realized you were getting pleasured?

The picture quality is amazing but it is something you would have to get used too.

VR porn is one of the ways of the future but it isn’t the end all be all for regular cam sites. Many customers like the free chat rooms and private shows just the way they are. Yet, many cam sites as well as porn sites are creating a balance by adding a category for VR while keeping the other categories untouched. It’s the perfect way of introducing something new to regular customers without alienating them in the process.  


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