I’m in His Control

Last week my boyfriend Darrel bought me one of those amazing Lovense toys. He bought me the Nora Bluetooth Rabbit. He is going away for the military for a few months, so he assumed this could keep me happy and busy. We could also use it and he could take control of it while we chat on Skype. I tried the toy on my own just to see what all the hype was about, it was so fucking amazing. I so love this toy. I can’t wait to try this with Darrel.
Update to my Rabbit story: Darrel and I had our first Skype sex chat last night. He had me activate my toy, so he could use it on me. It was really cool, he used it with his iPhone and played music so the different vibrations would really play with me. It was totally hot, he couldn’t get totally nude. Military, just in case you know. So I stripped down totally nude on my bed and began using the rabbit on myself. Then Darrel would control the toy. At one point, he had me so close to an orgasm, but would stop it and not let it happen. He told me the look on my face was so hot. He said everytime I got closer to climax, my moans and my facial expressions were amazing. He finally let me cum. All I will say is I totally can’t wait for the next time we chat on Skype and use our new Lovense toy. Totally insane!

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