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Is that an erection I see?

My name’s Mike, I’m the typical average guy, with the average guy kind of goals, I’m what can be easily referred to as a workaholic, I love my job too much and I love the idea of making it big, so I work hard in the finance department of A&B contractors. My job is simply to monitor the flow of capital, hypothesize on profitable investments and other minimal responsibilities. This may sound simple but the reality of it is that I’m left bereft of any kind of relationship. Very few friends and frustrated family members who have tried unsuccessfully to get me to participate on family trips and stuff.

My previous girlfriend broke up with me barely three weeks into the relationship. I know you might think I did something really bad to deserve that but on the contrary, I tried to be the best busy boyfriend ever. I called her several times daily, texted too, sent flowers but was too busy to see her or take her on a fifth date or do something really worthwhile for valentine, honestly, I had a really busy day and I didn’t think she would mind me bailing on our valentine date.

Unfortunately, before the fifteenth was over, I had received two mails, one was a break up mail and the other one telling me how I was the worst mistake of her life. So I have been left to myself since then and my sex has successfully spiraled down the drain. I get the boners and stuff  but I barely notice how huge it is or how nice watching porn and waking really feels, I just go through the motions and I’m left  with shaky hands, achy wrists and a sore cock.

So well I’m not trying to depress you with the story of my life, I just want you to understand how things have being with me before Angie came into my life, she just recently moved into the apartment across mine, we are only separated by a lane. Angie on the other hand is quite a looker, she’s very cute, perfectly rounded eyes, subtly molded hips, but her most prominent feature was her D cups breasts that stood and stood elegantly on her chest.

I have been seeing her for days since they moved in obviously I was attracted to her.

I was out mowing one day. It was hot and I had my shirt off. I only had a pair of shorts and shoes on. Our new neighbor’s daughter was out washing her dad’s car. I could see she had a halter top on. Every time she bent over her big tits nearly escaped.

I’m not one for ladies but those tits were enormous. I soon finished mowing. I was cleaning off the mower when I heard lady’s voice.

“Hi there,” my new neighbor was trying to get my attention.

“I’m Angie,” she told me.

I said that I was Mike. She said she should have introduced herself earlier. She said I looked hot. Would I like something to drink? I took her up on her offer. I went inside their house for the first time. It looked run down to me. Mariah produced a bottle of water for me. I got a close look at her chest. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. Those nipples looked huge.

I think she caught me staring. I also could see she was looking at my bare chest. She explained that she had only been living here for two weeks and she was lonely.

She wanted to know my status. I said I was single. That brought a smile to her face. She then asked me what type of girls I liked. I should have excused myself right then. I didn’t answer her.

“Do you like girls with big boobs?” She asked.

just like that, she pulled her top up over her head. I was now looking at the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen on a 21 year old body. I guess I just stood there not knowing what to say. Angie made it easy on me. She came up close and rubbed her nipples across my chest.

Okay, that doesn’t happen to me every day. What can I say? I felt my cock starting to grow. Angie looked down at my shorts.

“Is that an erection I see?”

she quickly knelt down and freed my cock. My bone was sticking straight out. Angie wrapped her lips around my stem and she started to give me head. I couldn’t believe this all was happening. Angie went right down to the root. There wasn’t any of this sucking the tip of my cock. She wanted every inch of me. Once I was rock hard she stood up.

Off came the rest of her clothes. I was looking at a lot of flesh.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you Mike?”

I hated to admit it. I wanted to bang her hard right then. I guess I just lost it. I didn’t have any sex in months. Here was Angie offering herself to me. I kicked my shorts away and got out of my shoes and socks. We made our way over to the dining room table. Angie got onto her back. Her fleshy lips were exposed to me.

I moved in and slid my cock head across her opening. I thought Angie might explode right then. I fed my dick to Angie. I went slow, giving her an inch at a time. I started to thrust into that tight pussy. God, did Angie get loud. She was screaming for me to fuck her.

I pushed her legs up towards her chest. I let her have it hard. Her tits were jiggling all over the place. Angie definitely was a cock whore. You could tell she couldn’t get enough dick. I did reach up and gripped her tits. That sent Angie right over the edge. She began to squirt all over. I was covered with her wetness. I soon started to feel that pinching sensation. I told Angie I was close.

“Don’t pull out,” she screamed at me.

I know I should have but I was weak right then. I blasted my white cream into her steamy pussy. It was like she gobbled up every drop inside her belly. I kept thrusting like some madman. I finally finished her off and then pulled out. I didn’t move for the longest time.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before,” she told me.

She was totally spent. When she got to her feet, she made her way back to the bathroom. When she came back, she had me sit and  cleaned me with her mouth.

“I don’t think I can take any more of your cock today,” she said.

We got dressed and Angie walked me to the front door.

“Don’t be a stranger,” she told me.
And so began my relationship with Angie…
I know I said work usually kept me busy, but somehow Angie made me want to slow down, to relax and have time to laugh. I know you’ll think its love but it’s something that is not love. We synced, plus Angie is some kind of bed freak, she’s every guys dream when it comes to the bedroom department.
It’s been two months since we’ve been seeing each other and today my interestingly freaky neighbor came up with a crazy idea. So well, she’s freaky and we’ve been talking about what I faced before she came, well you know the masturbation, sore cock and achy wrists thingy I used to have before I met her and started having sex on the regular, she’s been surfing the net for us to make the sex freakier and she came up with something interesting, the site that caters to all your interesting special ‘pleasure’ needs be it solo sessions, couple sessions and even how to keep the sex life smoking hot even while couples are not together, well she took the liberty of ordering some for our pleasure since they’re quite affordable.

The wonderful news today is that the packages will be delivered today and I’m so thrilled I can barely contain my excitement and I’m the first to exit the building the moment the clock hits closing time.
I’m flushed by the time I get home, though stressed but somehow it’s the anticipation of the evening that builds up. Finally the delivery man brought our products, and they were MAX, HUSH and LUSH. I was confused initially what the hell am I supposed to do with all this stuffs then she came and started telling me the functions of each product.

She made me realize the fact that with Max I can enjoy my masturbation without any sore dick that I used to experience before, while the Hush and Lush will be for her own maximum satisfaction. And I must confess my sex life was never better again since Angie got me MAX and her own too changed for the good from the way she reacts this days anytime am using those amazing technological inventions from is the place to be to change your boring sexual life that was what I told Moses the last time we met, Moses was a great friend of mine who happen to feel bored sexually, and Moses took my advice only for him to also join the crusade.

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