Karlie’s New Addiction

Karlie is a recently divorced 32-year-old. She is a very attractive woman, but never really had luck with relationships. Part of the reason her and her husband divorced was because Karlie had a high sex drive and enjoyed masturbation. Her husband disliked the fact she enjoyed getting off.

After the divorce, a co-worker of Karlie’s had told her about this new toy and how much she loved it. She basically told Karlie, who really needs a man in your life when you have the greatest sex toy ever. Karlie was so intrigued, she needed to know what toy was this. Her co-worker told her to buy the Lovense Nora Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator. Karlie’s co-worker was like you have to have this. She explained the best orgasm’s she had was from this new toy.

Later that night when Karlie got home, she ordered the Nora Rabbit Vibrator and ordered Express Shipping. Three days later her package was on her doorstep when she got in from work. Karlie was so excited. She opened the box and began reading the package and instructions. Since its a Bluetooth vibrator it needed a little explaining. Karlie got the toy all set up and working. She decided to use it to her Pandora app. Karlie lies down in her bed, removed her pink lace panties and began using the toy. The stimulation was incredible, within just minutes Karlie came so hard. She was amazed. She thought no way to herself and tried it again. Within a few more minutes, she came again. This toy was giving her multiple orgasms.

The next day at work, Karlie told her co-worker. She had never had such an incredible orgasm, and she was right that was better than any man could do for her or had ever done. It was hot as hell!

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