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  • Close range control
  • Long distance control
  • Myriads of exciting patterns to give your G-spot that sensation that results in an explosive orgasm
  • Easily sync to music to make foreplay more exciting
  • And finally, sound activated vibrations that’s gives your body some nice

More so, lush comes with a bendable Bluetooth antenna which is designed to give
you more control. Also, the shape is uniquely curved to stimulate your G-spot.
This adds to the excitement altogether.

Yes, there are lots of wearable Bluetooth vibrators on the market, but Lush boast
of the longest control range. It has a 360 standing range, 360 sitting range and is
internet controlled, meaning you can get freaky even from miles away.

The icing on the cake is that it is nearly silent; this means you wouldn’t have to
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