Fred Michel, the branch manager at Wichtech Gerard Company was furiously staring at the balance sheet of the company for the year. His brow furrowed with concentration as he tried to compare the balance sheet with that of the previous year. He knew business had been difficult this year owing to the loss of some of the major shareholders of the company earlier in the year but he didn’t know it was this serious. The company was in dire straits and needed much profit to keep it afloat for the next year. He didn’t relish the idea of telling the rest shareholders who had put their faith and trust in him that their trust was misguided and they were bankrupt.

They had trusted him before even when it was obvious they were experiencing major losses and he had not failed them, that was why even with the downturn of vents earlier in the year, when he had informed them about the complications that had arisen as a result of a business deal gone wrong they had agreed to still put their faith in him and let him have some more money. Before his rimmed glasses was the evidence that he had failed them once more.

The losses recorded had carted along the little profit that were made from other smaller ventures, he grimaced at the thought of rescinding on the promise of a raise and promotion which he had made to Lisa and Moses from their last encounter. The thought of what transpired that night brought an uncomfortable bulge in his trousers as he recalled the very vivid image of Lisa being fucked on his desk by Moses while he watched.

She’d not reminded him about the promised promotion because she trusted him implicitly and he was not about to fail her or his company now. He needed a miracle and he needed it urgently. He stared once more at the balance sheets. Noting with dismay how bad the situation was and right then he knew that nothing short of a miracle could save the company.

As if on cue, Lisa walked by his office, he’d instituted a literal open door policy not long ago when the few trusted staffs he had were beginning to complain about his gruff and unapproachable manner in some sections of the company. So when he saw Lisa pass by, her buxom hip bouncing up and down as she moved, she was a thick girl and ever since their last encounter she had stopped being shy about wearing stuffs which flaunted her curves and bubble but. Just like today, she’s wearing a sky blue peplum dress which stopped an inch below her knees. The black pumps she had on made the shape of her hips all the more obvious and it gave him a serious boner.

The view of her sexiness as she walked past his office gave him the best idea he had ever come up with. He just hoped to get the very best associates to work with as well because this deal was a really big one for him. Lisa was the best part of the deal and he knew she wouldn’t oppose him. Much as the deal was practically cooperate suicide he was going to make sure she had enough compensation to make up for it.

He immediately reached for the yellow pages, finding the contact of the adult movie producers at porn hub, he put a call through to them unsure if they would be willing to do business with him. At the third ring they picked up and he fixed an appointment with the secretary, it was scheduled to hold by 10 am tomorrow. He also put a call through to the managing director of www.vibratoy.online, his secretary also picked up and a meeting was scheduled for the morrow at 9 am, he hoped it wouldn’t take up the whole hour.
That evening, towards the close of work he sent a memo around asking the staffs to meet him in the conference room for a briefing ten minutes before the closing hour. It was already 3pm when he passed the memo and an hour later the staffs had gathered in the conference room. He kept the meeting brief and simple. He told his staffs that to increase the profit the management was going to be partnering with other companies who had solid portfolios and Lisa was going to represent the company and will be actively involved. He did not allow any questions and soon brought the meeting to a close.

“Miss Lisa, please wait behind” he said while the other staffs filed out of the room. She looked nervous being left alone without anyone around. She licked her lips, clenching and unclenching her hands. She had deliberately avoided him since their last encounter so he wouldn’t feel pressured about the promotion he had promised her. She felt like he was asking her to lead the new business deal was a promotion in itself, she tried to quell the excitement bubbling in her belly because she didn’t want to feel disappointed if he didn’t say it was the promotion she expected.

“Hey Lisa, I know we’ve not spoken for a while. I’m happy to inform you that the promotion you asked me for is just about ready” she beamed a smile at him and thanked him. He went further to tell her the details of the deal she was to be involved in as he clearly stated the terms. She knew it was corporate suicide but her naughty nature let her accept the terms and the pay were good. Six thousand dollars per annum was worth anything plus it came with its own medical insurance and travel allowance which were more than acceptable to her. The meeting came to a close in ten minutes, but the bulging cock throbbing in his pants did not allow him let her go just yet.

She looked up when she heard him clear his throat. “I think a proper appreciation will be in order “he said and sauntered off to his office, his eyes telling her to follow him.  She put her desk in order and did a thorough check on her fellow staffs to be sure she wasn’t going to be surprised like that other time with Moses (not that her slutty self wouldn’t relish it). Satisfied with her check and sure that no one else was in the building. She made her way to her branch manager’s office. She knocked once. “Lisa, is that you?” he asked and to which she replied affirmative.

He took a long time getting to the door and when he did the bulging let from his pants made her eyes grow huge. She may have fucked him countlessly but she still wasn’t used to the size of his erect dick.
He smiled at the rising blush in her chicks when she’d realised he was staring at her looking at his cock “like what you see” he asked and a delicious tingle ran up her spine he wasted no time in pleasantries as he pushed her ass to sit on his table and dove his fingers into her pussy barely covered by the black thong she was wearing.

He shifted the crotch to the side and proceeded to trace the outlines of her pussy lips with his fingers, as he moved with his hands down there, her hips widened of their own volition and soon her pussy was wide open and he fingered her mercilessly, teasing her clit and playing with her g-spot, he freed a nipple from her bra and suckled on it earnestly, when she felt his tongue leave her boobs she was disappointed, her body buckled with pleasure when his tongue touched her nether lips , he licked and sucked for a bit before he begun alternating his tongue with his fingers, but when his tongue player with her clit and his fingers earnestly teased her g-spot she exploded into his face, her juices all over his shirt. She was silently grateful that he had a restroom within the office and an emergency wardrobe.

He knew he couldn’t wait  anymore as he pushed her knee’s on the floor, seeing his throbbing cock, he forced it into her half opened luscious lips as she begun sucking in earnest, while he pounded his cock in her throat he closed his eyes and the image of Moses fucking her pussy rose once more before his eyes, almost vivid, as he imagined the way she screamed and the way Moses kept fucking her really fast, he came in her mouth and didn’t pull out till she cleaned him up with her tongue.
“See you tomorrow” he said as he dropped her off in front of her apartment complex.

He was fairly confident about the deal, he knew it would go well, it would be the best partnership ever, providing market and advertisement for www.vibratoy.online, variety for the customers of pornhub and finances for all three parties and their board of directors. He wasted no time in outlining the facts when he had met with a representative of pornhub, they had readily agreed to the partnership and www.vibratoy.online also agreed to the partnership, they both didn’t want to be bothered by the paper work.

They had agreed on the division of the profits and production was to begin by next month.
The month had steadily gone by and Lisa found herself looking forward to the shooting of the movie. She felt special because the survival of the company depended on this movie which she was going to be acting. She’d watched a couple of porn but never in her wildest dreams did she ever see herself as acting one. So when her role was giving to her she had been apprehensive but her fears had been soothed away by Jay, she’d never met him but they had talked a lot about her role and what it entails. It was all part of the show he’d stealthily sent her seriously hot texts for the past three days and she had responded to all of them as part of obligation but the wetness in her crotch was not part of the obligation.

She blushed crimson as she recalled his last message ‘ I can’t wait to see how wet your pussy will get under my ministrations’ he had sent her that message while she stood examining herself in the mirror one last time before she went out to the set the producer had chosen for the act. It was two streets away and she had started getting wet, she didn’t know how she’ll keep a straight face with the pools gathering in her core. Her phone beeped again shortly after, another message came from Jay again ‘please wear something the viewers will love, make it more slutty than conservative’ another blush pasted itself on her face as she felt a jolt of heat course through her body to her core. She beamed a smile at the cab driver trying with difficulty to ignore the pulsing feeling in her pussy, she really needed to come and she didn’t care how it happened.

No sooner had the cab driver dropped her off than she saw Jay open the door for her. He was a lot hotter than she had ever imagined. He was tall, slim and really friendly, he teeth sparkled as he welcomed her into the building, explaining the act as he led her to the room they’ll be using, she excused herself to the powder room and by the time she was back, the production crew was already their filming. “this will only take a minute. “You can watch if you want, it will only take 10 minutes” he said as he plopped himself on a sofa at the far side of the wall.

The act began with a conservatively dressed girl who had come to her prayer partner’s house for prayer meeting. She smiled innocently as her prayer partner handed her a chilled drink which had been laced with some kind of substance, soon she became really drowsy and drifted up to sleep only for two other young men to enter the room and begin caring her, she whimpered with fear when she opened her eyes to see them, she tried to fight them off but they were soon strong and soon began pulling off her clothes freeing her boobs from her bra and roughly pinching her nipples, the camera soon focused on the other guy as he lowered her to the floor and forced her legs open exposing her hairy pussy to the camera, she tried to use her hand to cover her pussy out of modesty but her hands were forced away and each of them roughly took turns fucking her mercilessly while she cried and squirted.

The film was wrapped up in ten minutes and soon it was my turn. “Whenever you’re ready bae, I’ll be gentle I promise” I heard Jay say as I blushed again. By now I was all wet and was feeling totally slutty. The props were put in place. The camera first focused on her phone showing her sex charts with Jay, and then the camera shifted to her, instinctively her hands moved itself to my boobs, which were still under her dress, she played nonstop for a minute and she heard herself moan, someone handed her an ambi bullet vibrator, she stood up and seductively took off my panties, feeling myself moisten as she saw Jay’s sexy mouth open from behind the camera, she played with the vibrator for a bit, teasing the lips of my pussy using super pinpoint stimulating, it felt so good, Jay was doing a good work customizing the vibrations between maximum and medium vibrations since it is Bluetooth enabled, she was getting seriously excited and the furious vibrations of the toy was wowing me and she soon had myself coming all over the place, quivering and squirting till she is able to calm down.

Jay soon joined her in front of the camera,” naughty slut bend over, let me give you the fuck of your life” he said as he roughly bent her over, he kept fucking me till she came and he made her suck his cock and came all over my boobs.
“Wow! We should totally do this again” Jay said before he sauntered off…
Three weeks later, she’s sitting on her desk when she received an envelope, it was a cheque of 750 dollars, it wasn’t end of the month yet but she was glad her pay was coming in big and early and thanks to the partnership the company was able to remain afloat.

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