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The glamour camgirl BedazzlingKate is 20 years old with shoulder length black hair and black eyes.
Hello! I am Kate

Katy was always a bit of a nymphomaniac. She liked living on the edge, especially sexually. Katy was the type of girl that loved to have public sex and give her boyfriend a blow job in public. Katy’s boyfriend knew how freaky should could be. So for her birthday he bought her a Lovense Lush toy. He knew she would really appreciate a toy like this. He bought her this gift, because this was a discreet toy. She could wear them at work. This lovense lush vibratoy toy was way better than the vibrating panties he had previously bought her. The Lush she could put inside of her body and use her Bluetooth to make the toy activate while she was shopping with friends or family or even in the office.
This was the perfect gift Katy thought. It was totally discreet and quiet. Nobody would have a clue in the world what she was up to. Unlike the vibrating panties, they made a bit of noise, so they were so not discreet.
The next morning as Katy got ready for her day at the office, she inserted her new sex toy. She got dressed and headed off to the office. She had her device set up with her Bluetooth. As Katy got in the car and put her Bluetooth radio on, she began to feel tingles inside of her body. It was an amazing feeling. She was driving and her body began to quiver and shake, her orgasm was coming very close as she drove down the highway. Stuck in traffic, she began to unbutton her blouse. Next to her car sat and 18 wheeler. The truck driver could see everything. This was Katy’s big thrill. He saw her touching and fondling her tits and grabbing her pussy underneath her skirt. She looked up at him and knew he was getting off watching her cum. She then put her finger up her skirt and wiped her wet pussy juices on her fingers and licked them while looking back at the truck driver. This was the best gift her boyfriend had gotten her. She knew she would have so much fun with this toy. She could still be naughty in public and that really is what got Katy off the most.

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