Surprising Pleasure

The first time I saw her was at the photocopier at the office, she seemed slightly impatient at the queue of waiting colleagues before her who also wanted to use the machine. I watched her as she strongly tried to control her pent up emotions. She clenched and unclenched her fist intermittently to keep from screaming at the woman currently using the machine who seemed to think that the photocopier room as a socialization center as she openly flirted with the new employee who was the next on the queue.

She looked just about ready to loose her cool when on impulse I sauntered over to her place and struck a conversation about how our company has fared following the recent loss of some of our major stockholders who had been seriously affected by the economic meltdown.  We charted for a bit before it got to her turn. Before leaving she introduced herself to me.

Hi I’m Lisa” and without waiting for a comeback introduction from me she left the photocopier. An unconscious gasp escaped from me as I watched her go. Her buxom hips left nothing to be desired in a woman, she was thick and exuded both class and confidence. Walking away she tried to avoid drawing attention to her full hips with the stiff way she moved her waist. I managed to control the hard on that had taken shape and was slowly boldly outlining itself down my pants. I finished my photocopy without fuss and made my way back to my office.

I smiled as I remembered the pouty curve of her red lips and involuntarily pictured that mouth on my throbbing cock. I quelled my desire for her as I decided to face the job at hand. After all she was much older than me though her body didn’t betray her age. I was later properly introduced to Lisa, my secret red haired crush by my boss who recently had the idea to group us into team for a project.

Each team was made up of two individuals. That was how my relationship with Lisa begun. And so begun my relationship with Lisa. Her excellent qualification often brought her bonus packages and recognitions from the boss. Though I tried hard, I couldn’t get the kind of recommendations she g until I got to find out exactly what she was doing right and I was doing wrong.

As one of the oldest staffs of the company they moved me to the office next to hers even with my poor academic qualification once we were working in the same office and seeing each other daily, our relationship naturally developed to something a little more than business.  In the sense that I became attracted to her and I subtly dropped hints here and there for her to pick unfortunately all my hints and suggestive comments went unanswered till one faithful evening.
I was diligent with my work, never complained till when my kid brother moved in with me that now increased the burden on me financially, and I made efforts to see if the company management will improve my take home pay based on my performance and the innovations I had brought to the company, it was a long shot because the company has been facing financial crisis.

No sooner had I tendered the appeal that the request was rebuffed. I didn’t even introduce myself.

I am Moses, I am single and leave alone until recently that my kid bro joined me. I have always been committed to my work which has deprived me from having a social life of any kind, porn and wanking comes in handy when my cock demands relief. But it never made up for the real feeling of ramming my cock inside a soppy pussy or feeling my balls  slap against a woman’s clit continuously or the absolute joy of hearing a sexy mouth scream in pleasure.

My last sexual experience was with a girl named Mariah. She was very cute, cute bulgy eye balls, nice tone of skin D cups breasts that stood and fit elegantly in her chest. Sexy long legs. We fucked for a while till I got bored of her soppy pussy. And since then I’ve not been lucky with girls till this day and my kind of work compounded my woes.

What happened in office that day changed my life for all time. I was stuck as usual, working late when I realized that a really important document was missing. I recalled that I had sent it to Lisa for approval via email so I decided to ask for her permission to use her computer, luckily for me she was also working late.

“Hi Lisa, sorry to bother you but do you still have a copy of the memorandum of accounts for Wichtech Gerard company? (A sister company to ours)  she pauses for her moment, seemingly searching her memory for the location of the document.

Her face lights up as she remembers. ‘’ I’ve deleted the file, but you can do some digging through my recycle bin and see if it would turn up. She inputs the password to her official computer and leaves me to work while she heads off to the photocopier room.
Her recycle bin turns out to be really interesting, the address http:www.lovense.Com seems to catch my attention and I instinctively restore the document. I also proceeded to restore the main file which I was looking for. After I had sent the document back to my phone and to my email, I click on the other restored document thinking Lisa was probably surfing dating sites, and just out of curiosity I wanted to know what she was into. My-not-so tender sensibilities are highly aroused when I see what the document contained. It was a notification that the item she purchased online would be delivered to her later this evening. I re-deleted it and informed her I was done the saunter back to my office.

Shortly after I settle down in my office, I inputted the site back into my computer and tried to find out more about what it was all about. I watched her meet the delivery guy who just entered the building and acknowledge that she received the package. Whatever it may be, she doesn’t look me in the eye as she walks past me, her buxom hips swaying lusciously and unknowingly calling to me. I’m surprised when she doesn’t return to her office, rather she goes to our branch manager’s office.

Up until now I didn’t think he was working late, even though I noticed the light in his closed office. No sooner had she walked past me than my ears were assaulted with shuffling sounds, like things were brusquely scattered, at first I make no move to find out what is amiss till I begun hearing rustling sounds, and soft moans ‘aargh, yeah, that feels so good’ I was confused at first, who could be having sexual relations in the office?

The moans continue and my mind jumbled with arousal makes me walk towards the office, I knock twice but no one responds, my cock twitches in my pants and I stand near the door, her moans get louder and was almost pushing me to the brink of ecstasy when I lose my balance and topple uncharacteristically into the office interrupting what seems to be a heated section between our branch manager and Lisa.

My mouth comes agape as I see Lisa on her kneels on the desk her short skirt bunched up to her waist, AMBI lovense vibrator in my branch managers hands, she doesn’t stop moaning even though I just interrupted their session, she seems aroused by the fact that she has just been caught doing something forbidden, I suddenly hear a quietly buzzing sound coming from her pussy, and curiously I walked towards were she was kneeling and had a peek at her sopping pussy from behind, another sex toy from Lovense site was teasing her g-spot; it was NORA, my boss beckons me over and hands me the Ambi vibrator and told me how to use it, I moved to her ass cheeks and spank her butt while I use the Ambi vibrator to tease her clit, she trembled and kept moaning like a bitch who hadn’t had a good fucking for a long time

I increased the pressure of ambi on her clit and soon she begun gyrating her hips uncontrollably moaning and screaming “oh yeah give it to me, damn that’s so good I can’t get enough of it… oh yeah. “Oh gawd, it’s so good” she kept screaming and suddenly her eyes roll back in her head, her body trembled with intense pleasure as she screamed “I’m coooommiiiiiing” she pulsed and jerked and quivered and shots squirted on the table.

“I really needed that, I hear her say as she calms down.
I then stopped spanking her and she stood behind the guests chair in the office, her skirt still half raised, earlier she removed the NORA vibrator from inside her pussy, My boss ordered me to move behind her while I knelt on the cushioned guest chair and brought out my half erect cock and pushed it into her mouth, she begun to suck me taking me deeper into her throat, I rolled my eyes and moaned in pleasure.” I want to see you fuck me” she says as I removes my cock from her mouth and sits behind her desk, that’s the moment I gave in and followed her commands, I had kneeled down behind her; Her pussy must have been dripping with anticipation for quite some time. She pulled me up toward her and used her hand to guide me inside her wet, awaiting hole.

It took little. “Take it slow and just fuck me with the swollen head of your cock.” she told me. I did not hesitate to obey her wishes. I slowly pushed the tip inside her awaiting folds then pulled it back out making sure not to insert any of my shaft inside her. It only took a few strokes before she began moaning louder and in quicker succession.

Her legs wrapped around my waist. She controlled my thrusting by pulling me inside her with her powerful legs, but stopping me from going too deep by placing her hands on my hips… being sure to control the entire motion of my body like a composer in a symphony. I fucked her so good that she was making incantations calling different names I pounding her until I felt that she was about to orgasm and luckily I was also not far from orgasm and we both orgasm together.

My boss enjoyed the event that day and he requested Lisa to help him get NORA and AMBI from Lovense so that his sexual relationship will move to the next level.

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