Sweet dream

Woman Looking Away Against Black BackgroundDuring the sweet night, combined with diffused candlelight and the smell of roses asleep on the floor, sensual music is heard, and a shadow as a feline flies on the rhythm The light does not allow me to figure out who this erotic angel is. But what does it matter ?! I see it coming to me in dance steps, seeing her voluptuous body. Her boobs come out in relief, the nipples are ready to jump at me killing me. The form of the hourglass proves to me that it is not human, It is divine, overwhelmed by pleasure, lost under control, deviating from me, It is not dressed, it is first discovered, which clearly proves to me the burning desire in her body She touches me, kisses me, dresses her with her well-proportioned breasts, seduces me, gets me wet, makes me want to never end this evening. I feel it wet, it drops slightly, it increases the rhythm, so her breasts feel it, they feel their pulsations, Touching the morning turns my moment into a nightmare because I realize it was just a dream. I can not, I have to finish what I started in the dream, it is too killing the feeling. when I open my laptop and I realize that I abhorred the VibraToy site, perhaps here is this sweet dream. Anyway, I have to keep looking I can find the angel of my dream.


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