Thanking your cam girl: 3 easy ways to do so

One of the best things about Vibratoy is finding that perfect live cam girl who excites you but also keeps you interested. But what do you do when your not quite ready to go private but you want to show your gratitude? Between being engaged and giving gifts, there quite a few ways to shine through the live free chat and liven up the room! It’s affordable, easy to do, and it’ll make your day seeing how grateful your cam model is. What are some of the ways:

Give her a vote!:

Imagine seeing your favorite cam girl on the Vibratoy’s top 100 list and you had a part of it! Voting is an amazing way to send your support during your time in the free chat room of your choosing. It helps the cam model with promotion and gives her validation that you’re entertained. The outcome? She might thank you by doing something naughty!

Send her a gift:

Gifts are another great way of showing your gratitude! Each cam model has a gift option in their room and gifting them has a positive outcome for you. Once you send a gift, your cam model’s screen lights up alerting her and the room of what she was gifted and how much. It’s fun to see your sexy cam girl do a happy dance and thank you personally.

Have fun with her in free chat:

Ever show up to a dinner party and nobody’s talking? Awkward isn’t it? Silence in a chat room has a habit of making the energy in the room stale, but you can change that in an instant!. Feel free to talk to her about anything! Our cam models love to get to know everyone in the chat room before going to private and what better way to stand out than to converse with her when everybody else isn’t.

Surprise our favorite cam girl by showing your thanks! Go to your her room and make her day the same way she’s made yours!


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