To turn on or not to turn on…that is the question (fd)

I will never forget my first experience with Vibratoy. I was a budding cam girl, trying to find ways to spice up my room that didn’t entail spitting fire out my pussy or balancing plates on a wooden stick. (My mind goes to some weird places, don’t judge) On my quest for something creative, I entered a room of a girl that I knew to see what she was up too. Things seemed normal enough, she was dressed in a pink bra and panty set, laying on her bed talking to everyone and listening to music. As I started to make my way out the room, she starts to scream. Now…at this point I’m terrified.

However, as I watched her, I realized her eyes were rolled to the back of her head and she was bucking in a fit of ecstasy.

“Holy shit,” I thought. “She’s cumming…but from what?”

Finally, when she got her bearing she said “I hate you, babe!that was so sudden” she turned her pussy towards the camera to show it dripping wet with the end of a toy sticking out of her. Afterward, The tip bell rung in her room for so long it seemed to be broken.

I immediately started to look up what it was since it seemed to get everyone in the room excited…and also. I was jealous. I kept thinking about how she looked as she came. I never thought that losing control of yourself would look and feel so sexy.  The way her eyes rolled to the back of her head, the way her skin radiated with heat, I was sold.

Control the pleasures between you and your camgirlI bought an interactive toy for my room the next day, set it up on my computer (which was very easy to do), and set a price. A customer paid the price immediately.

Oh shit.

So there I sat with the Vibratoy deep inside my pussy, waiting for my inevitable doom or pleasure. Regardless, I was scared.

Eventually, I forgot about it and started playing games, dancing, and talking to people having an awesome time. Until the customer used his electronic remote. I was dancing, showing off my body and dance skills when out of nowhere, deep within me, the Vibratoy started to buzz. At first, it started lightly but it progressed over time. Within a couple of minutes, I had collapsed on my bed, reenacting a provocative “I’ve fallen but I can’t get up” commercial.

So why was this awesome?

Because the whole night was a game of sexy cat and mouse. By the end, 5 customers had had complete control over my body through the electronic remote access given to them. Overall, it made the experience in my room more intimate and exciting. Not only did I not know when it was gonna happen, but the whole room didn’t know. After a while, they became just as anxious and aroused as I was!  

We all know how it feels to find the perfect cam girl but feeling disconnected from her when the room is crowded, but what better way to grab her attention than to be the one in control of her body? Yes, she’s entertaining all of these lovely people but YOU are the one in control of her, YOU are the one that makes her cum.

Feeling devious? Turn the Vibratoy up and make her beg you by name to turn it down.

Feeling generous? Turn the Vibratoy on slightly and gift her with an orgasm if she does something you like. Of all the customers I’ve had, I remember every last one of them that has had remote control of my toy. They dominated my body which led to them dominating my mind. Get to know your favorite cam girl in a more personal way by using Vibratoy! It’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


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