VibraToy Online for interactive webcam sessions

There is a great webcam site, www.www.vibratoy.online. This site is a little different than your traditional webcam sites. Most of the popular camsites today, have the models who choose which their option will be as far as the use of toys. However, in the past few months, the new vibrating tipping toys have become more popular than ever.

We developed this new style of a webcamming site to have better interaction with the models and the customers. This gives you men more control. Knowing all the girls on the site have this tip activated toy, there is no more guessing which models have a vibrating tip toy.

The vibratoy is a toy the cam model wears while she is streaming live. This toy will go off, depending on the amount you tip the model. The more you tip the heavier the vibration. The less of a tip, there is still a very sexy sensation that drives the cam model wild and gets her juices going. This new form of technology allows cam shows to be a lot more personal and interactive than in the past. In the past girls had toys that they chose to use in their shows.

The Lovense Nora toy that these girls use can be controlled by the movement of your mouse. This is a brand new feature. The older versions were only based on the amount tipped. This newest model is controlled by your mouse. This can take your private one on one shows to a whole new level. Of course, there are still many ways to interact with the camgirls who are live streaming.
You can still enjoy the same platform as your average paid webcam site. You will still be able to visit any models room, take them to a private show, or tip them in free chat.

We have taken notice in the past year that more sites using these toys have become more popular with the members. For example, look at Chaturbate, this site uses the Ohmibod toy. More and more users have started to move over to using Chaturbate because they like the interactive part of the show. The members love to tip a girl and see their body quiver and shake. Because by using these tip activated toys, your really teasing the model. These toys are integrated right into the website, so based on the amount you tip the more the girls go crazy.

More and more websites are finding this concept works very well. Men, who are the paying customers have been asked which they prefer? The answer believe it or not was for a large portion of men, they love the tip toys. They love the surprise the girls by setting off their toys without them knowing its coming and to see the reaction of the camgirl. Prior to these toys, you could tip a girl and she would fulfill a request, which of course you still can do. However, most men we asked prefer these toys.

However, at www.www.vibratoy.online this is basically the same as what the members are doing over at Chaturbate, but this by far is a better concept because you’re also controlling how the girls react using the touch of your mouse. This is going to be the newest and most popular toy now for camming.
Take a look around and see for yourself, registration is totally free. Try the latest in technology and fun with the newest toy in the industry. Let your mouse do all the dirty work.

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